Mission Statement

Rezolute Wellness seeks to support all walks of life on your journey to better health. Rezolute Wellness is committed to building a foundation of knowledge for long term lifestyle changes.  

My entire life I’ve been an active human being. My parents always wanted us to be active and involved in sports, it didn’t matter what kind of sport you were involved in, but you had to occupy your time with something. My sports of choice were dance and gymnastics.

Once I got into college I was determined to keep that “freshman 15” off, and I did, but I honestly had no idea what I was doing at the time. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit in 2012 that I was really intrigued to learn more about fueling your body properly. Over the years I became more competitive with CrossFit which really required me to be more dialed in with my nutrition and recovery. I’ve tried it all from Paleo, Whole30, Zone to Macro Counting and they’ve all worked in their own way, but it allowed me to figure out what works best for me.

What’s truly inspired me to pursue better health and wellness was my family & our health history. We have history of heart disease, I watched my siblings (& other family members) go through major weight issues, my parents medicine cabinets were FULL of prescriptions medicines it looked like we had our own little pharmacy, there’s been mental health struggles & most recently we experienced a death due to cancer. I’ve had my personal struggles too. I was the kid who took Allegra (when it was still offered in prescriptions) daily just to keep my allergies under control. I was in the hospital or at the doctors like clockwork every year due to Bronchitis or some sort of major respiratory infection. I’ve also struggled with mental health issues.

Like I said before, I’ve played around with many “diets” & various nutrition plans and i’ve finally found what works for me longterm. I’ve been very open and honest about my journey and when people started asking me more for help I decided, “this is it, this is my calling”. I decided to pursue my certification with Precision Nutrition and learn more about the science of the body & food (my background being in graphics I needed something a bit more). I have a passion for helping people and this is what I’m meant to do here on this earth.

Rezolute Wellness is not just for athletes. It’s for the people that fell off the wagon and don’t know how to get back on. It’s for the mom’s & dad’s who need help growing healthy kids. It’s for those who want to fit into those jeans that have been collecting dust for years. It’s for the people who want to learn more about the importance of good health and disease prevention. Rezolute Wellness is for anyBODY, and I look forward to working with you.